Alternative Format Resources

Looking for training manuals and tutorials for multiple types of alternate media formats and assistive technology uses?   Looking for publisher contact to request materials in alternative formats? Are you considering making the case to add an alternative media specialist/assistive technology specialist to your staff?  The resources below may be of interest to you.

Training Resources and Manuals

High Tech Center Training Unit A useful site with many training resources and training manuals can be found at the The High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges.  The HTCTU is a state of the art training and support facility for community colleges.

Online Databases for Materials in Alternative Formats

The following online databases  are good resources to consider when trying to locate materials in alternative format.  Membership is required in each of these to gain access to the resources available.

AccessText Network (ATN):  AccessText is a conduit between the publishing world and colleges and universities across the country, with a shared mission to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to their textbooks in an accessible format and in a timely manner. Founded and supported by the Association of American Publishers and leading textbook publishers, AccessText works with its members and a national advisory committee to make sure its services meet the needs of students, publishers, colleges, and other stakeholders.

Alternate Media eXchange Database (AMXDB): The AMX Database provides California community colleges and other higher education institutions a forum for identifying book materials created in alternate formats (e.g., braille, e-text, DAISY, etc.) for use by student’s with verified print disabilities. Additionally, the AMX Database provides a resource for managing and producing captioned videos for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Learning Ally: A national non-profit dedicated to helping blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students succeed in education. Started in 1948 in the New York Public Library as Recording for the Blind, the organization used volunteers to record books for blinded veterans returning from WW II. We now offer the world’s largest collection of human-narrated audio textbooks and literature as well as solutions, support and community for parents, teachers and students.

Bookshare: Bookshare offers the world’s largest collection of accessible titles. As a result, students, seniors, veterans, schools and many organizations around the globe use Bookshare to access the books they need for school, work, and the simple love of reading.

Publisher Contacts:

Publisher Lookup: If you need to look up a contact at a publisher, use the following service to locate the requesting department for disability offices:

 Job Descriptions

Sample Job Descriptions Is it time to  get an alt media specialist/assistive technology specialist? If you’re looking for sample job descriptions, Athen Pro has several available.  To give you an idea of our world, and why you may need a tech, here is a list of different types of assistive technologies:

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