Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are a source of great angst for service providers. The list below is not exhaustive but does provide some information about emotional support animals, the Fair Housing Act and related issues.

Documentation – Emotional Support Animals: The information contained in this packet is a compilation of materials that may be useful to folks working in the area of disability and higher education. It is specifically focused on the issues of students with disabilities in the college setting, and thus doesn’t deal with employees, privately-owned housing, the Air Carriers Act, etc.and so on. There may be utility for some of this information to other sectors, but you’ll have to extrapolate on your own. We are discussing ONLY the issues that surround students with disabilities in higher education. There is discussion of Section 504, the ADA (Titles II and III), and the FHAA/HUD guidance regarding emotional support animals.

Request for Information Form – ESA’s: Form to give to the provider who has suggested a student be permitted an ESA. Asks for clarifying information, professional signature and license number if applicable.

ESA_Watch_List_8-18: This list was created simply as an aid for disability service providers and Residence Life folks to use. It is not “official” in any way, and there may be times when the information provided is incomplete – and over time some may become outdated. All of this information was pulled from research done on the internet about these websites/providers, so it is publicly available information. The list will be updated periodically. (List date – Updated August, 2018)

Joint Statement of HUD & DOJ Reasonable Accommodations Under the Fair Housing Act:  One type of disability discrimination prohibited by the Fair Housing Act is the refusal to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. This is a Q and A prepared by HUD and DOJ provides technical assistance regarding the rights and obligations of persons with disabilities and housing providers under the Act relating to reasonable accommodations. It is included here because portions of it speak to “assistance animals”

Service Animals: Right To Emotional Support Animals In “No Pet” Housing:  The Southwest ADA Center has developed this resource discussing emotional support animals and the  rights, limits and responsibilities pertaining to ESA’s in housing.  This is technical assistance and informal guidance and is based on research on applicable laws and supporting information from other publications and resources.

Other resources about ESAs may be found selecting the Post category “Emotional Support Animals.”

Other helpful information can also be found in the Post category Service Animals.

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